The Pleasant Ridge Community Hall property was donated to the community in 1921. Funds were raised to build a Community Hall. Some interesting highlights, taken from the Minutes through the years of the Pleasant Ridge Community Hall Board, are shown below:prch-thrutheyrs1939-pedersen-dairy-truck-bud-pedersen45_nrasmus-peterson349_n

1921  –  May 12, 1921 Redmond Spokesman article on G.W. Beaver donated land for a $2000. Building to be
used as the Pleasant Ridge Community Hall.
1921 – Nov. 8th – Articles of Incorporation were filed by G.W. Beaver, Rasmus Peterson (who created Peterson Rock Garden), and A.R. Teater in the State of Oregon as Pleasant Ridge Community Hall Association.
1928 – Board Members agreed to take turns cleaning  the hall and it  was agreed would be paid $3.00 per time.
1937  Nov 15 – “Fender was hired to repair and build addition to wood shed for ladies rest room.  His wages was set at $5.00 per day.”
1937 Nov 19 – 2 Cords of 16” limb wood was ordered $5.50  delivered.
1939 Sept 18-  “Decided to purchase two Red Comet Fire Extinguishers at $2.30 a piece and see if they could be left in  the hall and not  stolen.  If unmolested, they would probably  purchase more later.”
1939 – Board voted to up the rent from $8.00 per dance to  $10. and to raise janitor pay from $1.00 to $1.50 per dance.”
1941  –  Redmond Spokesman reprinted an article  from May 12, 1921  in their “20 Years Ago today“ section, showing G.W. Beaver donated land for a $2000. Building to be used as the Pleasant  Ridge Community Hall.
1945    Had 35 Dances in the year.  Charged $20. Rental per dance for a total of $700. Income.
1950 – 2 chimneys rebuilt in the kitchen
1952 – Board decided to hire an extra deputy to help keep order inside the hall.
1955 – Aug. 5th “Hall burned to ground – complete at 3:36 am
1955 -Aug. – $5510. In savings account, including insurance plus     $36.31 in checking account.  Agreed to build smaller hall
1958, March – Ground cleared and blocks laid in walls
1960 – Jan. 14th.  Board agreed Hall Rental $5. For day rent or nite meetings.
1962 – Board decided to hold dances and charge $1.00 per person with free refreshments.